Rachel in Lights

Making Good || Faberry 

Today was the day.  Rachel had given herself a pep talk on the elliptical that morning and had called Santana to plan everything out with her.  She had her list and her outline of the plan.  It had to work.  Plan A was officially in motion with back up plans in case the first one didn’t work at all.

Rachel stepped out of the house in her Cheerios uniform but had forgone her letterman jacket to wear Quinn’s Superman sweatshirt instead.  It was perfect, really.  Rachel was subtly saying that yes, she was willing to associate herself with Quinn in a somewhat intimate way.  They didn’t need to know their whole lives…sexually.  But wearing Quinn’s jacket was very intimate in Rachel’s opinion.  Especially since it still smelled like her, despite the fact that Rachel had refused to take it off the day before much to Santana’s distress.  And the way that it was a little too big for her, sleeves easily slipped over her hands if she wanted.  Rachel loved it.

Santana rolled her eyes at Rachel as she stepped out of her car and straightened the jacket.  “So I look okay?”

“The geek will be drooling,” Santana said in a monotone voice, stepping out of the car and putting her sunglasses on.  Rachel beamed and began to walk with Santana into the school.  A few people shot her odd looks, eyeing the jacket before going back to their lives.

Brown eyes darted around the halls, looking for Quinn but no luck.  Of course the one time she actually wanted to see Quinn she was no where to be found.  Rachel went into her locker and got her books out, hoping to see Quinn soon.